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Dr. Tamer R.
NIHR Clinical Lecturer

I sought a life coach focusing on my career path and expanding my potential. Jani was integral in me realising the importance of returning to the first principles of well-being, self-sufficiency, reflection and trusting oneself. Through our six-month programme, I truly understood my drives leading me to leave my full-time career as an academic doctor. 

I have not just achieved my career goals but also created a more fulfilling life. 


Suzanne T.
Associate Director

Capstone Community

    Action Head Start

I appreciated working with Jani as he and I explored stuck ways of thinking that were limiting myself and my work with others. I was able to learn new tools and apply them in meaningful ways.

Thank you, Jani.


Ana McGough 
Life Coach and Instructor

Coaching with Jani is like getting an acupuncture treatment, but instead of for your body, for your life. I leave the sessions feeling quite suddenly realigned. Realigned with my purpose, but most of all with who I am and what is true for me. Coaching with Jani helped me move countries with more ease, navigate my job search with clarity, and start a genuine part-time coaching practice. It has been truly transformative and supportive. Life coaching with Jani feels sacred and helps me live life more fearlessly. I wish this kind of support to anyone! 


Josephine W.

Model Risk Management

Deutsche Bank

I have worked with Jani for a continuous few months. Coming from a place whereby I saw psychologists, dating coach, lots of workshops... the list appears to be endless. That said, I truly believe in the right methods of self-investing.

Jani’s approach is different. He is super calm and prefers a non-fighting approach. He’s shared different materials with me that has guided me throughout my journey. Working with him has supported me in becoming more in tune and harmony with myself.

One of the greatest lessons I have picked up from him is commitment and authenticity in whatever I pursue in life. I’d certainly work with Jani again in future.


Lukasz L.

Engineer Consultant at Department for International Trade (DIT)

Sessions with Jani can completely change the way you see things, not only regarding relationships but in all aspects of your life. That new approach helps to remove obstacles on your way to happier and more harmonious life. 


Jennifer K.

Executive Assistant at Royal Bank of Scotland Group

Coaching has enabled me to feel comfortable within myself in being committed to creating genuine relationships without having any preconceived notions of a particular outcome. This will give me the space to move forward to be able to create an intimate relationship with transparency and trust.


Marisa M.

Creative Director

Independent Educator Entrepreneur

I met Jani at one of his Creating Meaningful Relationships guided sessions in London.

How little did I know that those were about to become crucial steppingstones in my healing process. He immediately spotted my suffering after a serious health setback despite me pretending I was dealing with it all just fine.

For the last seven months, he’s been guiding me gently & firmly throughout, always offering me tailor-made options and very adequate resources to support our work together. The results are already having very tangible effects on my life & the way I’m experiencing it. He’s taught me very useful tools, which are helping me to take control and to lead a much happier & fulfilling lifestyle. 


I just want to say ¡MUCHAS GRACIAS JANI!



Senior Analyst at Flywheel Digital

Jani coached me for 2 months, and I can't thank him enough for his support and help. For the first time, I was able to fully discover myself and what my real blocks were. He first saved me by empowering me to create a healthier work environment by keeping my integrity: since then, I've kept my word, have a great work-life balance and most importantly, during this unprecedented pandemic, I got promoted.

We then worked on creating a loving relationship: what I loved was that instead of focusing on the fact that I was single, he from the start treated me with a lot of respect and we worked on how to CREATE a loving relationship instead of focusing on finding love. That was extremely powerful. He coached me and encouraged me in taking steps towards love, and I met a great man who, (who knows?) might be my future husband.

Working with Jani has been a turning point in my life and a beautiful, unforgettable journey. I'm now stronger and know that I have all the tools to succeed at every possible level and that the possibilities are endless.


Glenn A.

Working with Jani has been an absolute pleasure. It’s no small thing to commit to working through and unpacking all the things that hold you back from pursuing your dreams. Jani is highly skilled at pulling out all of your wisdom and showing you where you are trapped. His gentle, straightforward approach has been life changing. Working together over the course of many months, I was able to break through many of my own limitations to finding true joy, and meaning in both my personal and professional life. 


Tal Z.

Yoga Studio Business Manager

I decided to work with Jani because I had reached a crossroads. I had always let relationships (whether I was in one or not), determine my worth as a woman. I've also always been really clear that I wanted to have a long-term partnership - with the right partner! 
I was single again after five years, and I had just started seeing someone who in the few short months I had dated him, was already starting to show signs of commitment-phobia (if that is a word). Over the nine months of working with Jani, I went from being in an on-again-off-again weird dating scenario to moving in with my partner (same guy), who's so far the best relationship I've ever had. 
After about six months of mainly focusing on relationships, we then changed our focus to looking at career and financial goals as I had been miserable at a new job for some time. This focus revealed to me where I want to spend my time and energy.  As a result, I now have a clear focus and purpose and am regularly working towards this. 
I very much felt that he treated the coaching session as a holistic practice whereby mind, body, emotions, energy, etc. were all taken into account.
Most importantly, I found Jani to be authentic and genuinely wanting to serve. I can't recommend working with him enough and would be more than happy to continue to work with him in the future. 


Anxhela B.

Loan Capital Markets - Associate

I have worked with Jani for almost a full year, and it has been a growing, slow and at times painful process. I believe that my growth has mostly come from his ability to deeply listen and guide me through my thoughts and assist me in going deeper into understanding myself. It has been very helpful that he has always been straightforward but also kind in his approach since that has built a great amount of trust, which has allowed me to be open to whatever would come out of a session.

 I have felt supported throughout the whole process (or processes) I went through, and not only during the scheduled sessions. 

In the past year, I have built more trust in myself and in my boundaries, learning how to listen, embrace and voice my needs and even my doubts. I have to say that this work with Jani has brought a lot to every aspect of my life. 


Nicholas T.

Social Media Director

Jayson Gaddis, Inc.

When I look back on my life and note the people who influenced me the most, Jani will be one of the highest names on my list. What I love about Jani is the space he holds for our work. He is at once profoundly playful, nurturing, inviting and supportively challenging. Some of my deepest, most impactful work has happened with Jani. He meets me where I am, helps me drop my masks, step out of my stories, connect to both my deeper self and wisdoms and energies beyond myself, and then we dive right to the core of the issue. Often these sessions with Jani are both scary and giddily exciting, which is a good sign to me that real work is being done. By far Jani's biggest gift to me has been a profound, powerful introduction to the essential life skill of making decisions from a place of inner wisdom, by listening to my body and my heart. Like the saying of the difference between giving a man a fish and teaching him to fish...Jani taught me how to fish! For that, I am deeply grateful. If you would like a guide to help you be more of the best of you, I highly recommend working with Jani!

Konstanze Brockstedt_edited.jpg

Konstanze B.


Dechen Chöling education centre

I enjoyed working with Jani; he has a very gentle approach. He helped me dig deep into my beliefs and bring out more of my strength. I felt challenged to get in touch, work with and accept unwanted parts of me. His approach is far from the conventional, trying to bring out the core of who we are.


Jyothi M.

Vice President - HR

Wells Fargo

It was by sheer coincidence that I met Jani, who was conducting a session on Creating Meaningful Relationships. Post that, over a couple of sessions, Jani facilitated me to uncover more of my self through his intuitive coaching style. His gentle and unconventional way of questioning got me thinking from a very different perspective. I am on the road to creating a more better me, thanks to Jani.


Patricia A.

Chief Operations Officer at Solidus Technical Solutions (retired)

My time with Jani quickly unfold in a truly rewarding manner. He simply opened a dialogue in a manner that tickled my intelligent capacity to look to myself for answers. It's hard to say how many sessions I had when the big, exciting, AHA! moment happened. It was like having an invisible shield drop to reveal myself to me. My world began to explode.
I decided to decorate all the empty storefronts in our town. I have created a community of 25 volunteers. The local newspaper named us the "Window Warriors". We won a Grant and inspired the town to be proud, happy and full of good cheer. 
My relationship with money and fear of risk changed: I negotiated a deal on a new vehicle to my advantage, with a great trade-in value, and drove away in a beautiful new car. Free of fear, no remorse.
And I met someone I like very much. Although he is totally out of my normal attraction-type, I don't feel like I have to be in control or certain. 
My sense of "knowing" cultivated in my coaching sessions with Jani is no less than a creative masterpiece. A feeling of equanimity and presence is with me now.

Black Hills & the Farm 356.jpg

Allyson S.

Life and Career Coach

Allyson Scammell International

In short, Jani is a gifted life coach. While providing a safe environment, he guides you deep inside yourself so you can better understand deep-rooted fears or gain valuable insight from your higher self and beyond. Through coaching with Jani, I have gained a rich insight and expanded awareness about issues that I have struggled with for years. One example is when he helped me to dissolve a limiting belief that had been keeping me down for my entire life. One session with Jani can yield a vast multitude of learning and increased awareness. He is a true talent with sharp intuition and a lot of heart.


Crystal Mbanefo

Marketing Executive

Renaissance Learning

My meeting Jani was what you could call a "gift". I didn't want a typical coach. I wanted one who was unconventional; a coach who could actually relate to your problems, a coach who takes you down the route of understanding rather than rushing into actions and tasks...and this is what I found with Jani.

In the short time we worked together, I have learnt the power of accepting your feelings, feeling and BE-ing who you truly are meant to be, and following your "flow".  I really like how we have a journal and you get to write whatever you want to in the journal. The best part I like about Jani's coaching is that he shows his vulnerability as well. He does not pretend to be a God who has all the answers and rather relates well to your problems, by sharing some of his too! This is actually the main reason why I decided to work with Jani, with someone who understands "where I am coming from"...Because I am now training to become a coach, I have had to stop working with Jani for now, but I can't wait to work with him again in the near future!

Web photo.png

Terri J. Hofstetter

Intuitive Life Coach

Certified Martha Beck Coach

I had the privilege of working with Jani in early 2015. As a recent graduate of Martha Beck coach training, I realized immediately that Jani had a command of the coaching tools and a unique ability to tune in to his clients and easily guide them to reach the point of transformation. He intuitively finds the place where the client gets stuck and gently steers them in the direction of the solution. He’s a natural. 

He quickly helped me to nail my blocks and fears with starting my coaching business. He held a safe space for me to view my fears in a metaphoric context. He was instrumental in steering me to confidence in launching my successful business.

Now, years later, I recognize how rare his natural gift is. 


Lela P. M.P.H. 

Author and safe families


When I first started working with Jani, I was in a thick cloud of confusion and mental chaos. What started as a quest to find myself a suitable career eventually lead me down a path of deep inner work and personal transformation. With Jani, I found a person I could talk to without judgement; a person I could play with creatively; and a support system to help me walk confidently on what I repeatedly referred to as 'shaky ground'. I realised from Jani's coaching that many of my 'problems' were fixed simply by changing my personal narrative of them. Jani gave me a safe space to rewrite a different story for myself. 

I am so grateful to have spent some time with him, and although I am now taking a break to reorganise myself, I have no doubt that I will sign up for his coaching again in the future. 

Thank you, Jani, for helping me see myself the way the Divine sees me. 


Marianna M. Ph.D

Accounts Payable Officer


I loved the acknowledgement of the power of my sentences, of my courage and how I replaced love with punishment. He gave me the freedom to find out a WHY within relationships and work. At the end of the journey, I understood that first I need to be able to stay in a relationship with myself. From there I can build relationships with other. Now I date men who do not mirror my doubts, fears and "my outdated templates". Instead, I enjoy the time spent with men and allow them to show me who they really are. I changed my view in regard to work issues I was facing. I have stopped "escaping" my employer, accepted the full-time post and started the development work. I figured out that reality is friendlier than I thought and this wisdom became the part of my life. Jani helped me to see what commitment really means, thank you for this amazing gift.

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