Jani Glavina is a certified Transformational Coach. He trained with top-class coaches such as Martha Beck and Byron Katie. Jani helped hundreds of professionals and business owners from realigning with their life purpose; to successfully changing careers; to finding a life partner; to creating a life they ultimately want.

Jani led training seminars in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands. In his coaching, he uniquely combines his global experience and speciality of unlocking human potential, making it simple yet powerful and life-changing. 
His expert guidance, techniques and strategies help us break those obstacles that keep us trapped into a small version of ourselves - in career, relationships or life purpose and vision. This enables us to transform our life challenges into opportunities and stepping stones to help us create more vibrant, balanced and inspired lives. 

Coaching makes me alive; it energises me. Witnessing people stepping into their power brings me joy and a sense of accomplishment. This shared delight is priceless to me, worthy of dedicating myself to for the rest of my life.

- Jani Glavina