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Transformational Coaching

Step into the most potent version of yourself

Are you ready to take a leap that opens a new chapter in your life? Doing more of the same brings about conventional success - at a high cost. Your talents and vision must be nurtured, and in turn, they will shine out and create an extraordinary life.

Be willing to fail, be challenged and start fresh - again and again. My clients seek mastery over the four areas of their life: clear vision, career, relationships and self-care. They are inspired to benefit society and enjoy sustainable success that comes from a healthy place within.

I have worked with authors, CEOs, artists, lawyers, doctors, United Nations employees, accountants, consultants, coaches, marketing executives, teachers, translators, IT engineers… people from all walks of life and nationalities. 

Are you interested in working together and have your life transform?

Who do I work with?

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  • Creating a Quality Life around your business

  • You have reached a plateau in your business and you want to move beyond it

  • Clarifying your vision and business legacy

  • Strengthening your confidence and strategy in your services and selling

  • You have a challenge of hiring the right talent

  • Harmonising & empowering your teams

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  • You are in a life transition and need clarity and direction

  • You want to transition out of an unfulfilling job or career

  • Enhancing or resolving personal & professional relationships

  • Creating and executing a promotion plan

  • Strengthening your work-life balance

  • Personal development and pursuing your life purpose

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  • Transitioning to a full or part-time coaching/consulting career

  • Increasing your coaching impact and depth

  • Strengthening and expanding your client base

  • Raising your services awareness and sales opportunities

  • Creating webinars, workshops and retreats

Are you interested in working together and have your life transform?

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